Going to see Mark in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

We were packed and ready to go by 8:30. Dave went to settle our bar bill (£31) and 10 minutes later we were on the road. It was 7degC and raining and that didn’t change for much of the day. We drove through the Pennines and there was still snowing on the ground. The Warcorp Training Grounds were in use, not a nice day to out in my opinion.

We stopped at The Teesdale Hotel in Middleton-in-Teesdale for espressi (£3.60) before heading to Corbridge. The Roman bridge brings you into the town centre. Sadly the Roman site was closed so we could not go in and see the ruins. We followed the Course of Hadrians Wall into Newcastle-upon-Tyne and arrived in the city at 12:40. Our first stop was to see where Mark lives and collect him for our tour around the city. After offloading the car at the hotel we walked into town.

Our first stop was St. Nicholas Cathedral which has some exceptional stained glass windows. We had espressi at Dobsons Great Coffee (£5.25) and then walked through Grainger Market.

I would do all my shopping here if this was home. After doing shopping at Cotswold for training shoes and Lakeland for kitchen goodies we went to Fenwicks Food Hall.

Our first treat was macarons (£3.25) and then some locally roasted coffee. Dave and Mark chose Coffee Johnny (£4 for two double shots). We walked back to the hotel and dump the shopping then took the car into town. We started off at the pub at The Broad Chare. Dave had a Goose Honkers Ale, I had a Dog Dancer Cider and Mark had a Heidi Weisser. Really one of the nicest Weiss beers I’ve tried. We had a great meal, and evening and had an early night after dropping Mark off at home.


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